Expertise, responsiveness and professionalism are the keys to the success of our missions.

Firmly established in the maritime and port sector, ECO masters national and international regulations and has a solid network.

We bring our experience and expertise to shipowners, equipment manufacturers, ship managers, ports and other maritime stakeholders and offer a wide range of services: assessment of heavily damaged units, re-engineering projects, monitoring, audits, ultrasonic integrity testing of watertight partitions, strategy, regulatory monitoring, drafting of specifications, reflagging of ships, construction of new vessels, sale/purchase, charter or decarbonation.


Maritime regulation is complex and evolve rapidly. On permanent watch, we guarantee its correct application.


Our company dedicated to technical support in maritime transport strives to offer much more than just technical service.

With unfailing commitment and personalized expertise, we work to guide you, anticipate your needs and assist you in the continued success of your activity.

Project specifications

For each project, we establish specific and detailed specifications meeting the needs of the project and the technical and maritime standards in force.

Estimation and optimization

Our expertise in maritime technical support is distinguished by precise estimates and strategic optimizations.

By carefully assessing the specific needs of your business, we provide reliable financial projections and implement tailored solutions to optimize your operations.

Choose certainty and efficiency with our estimation and optimization services, and navigate towards a more efficient maritime future

Inspection and monitoring

Our commitment to operational excellence is demonstrated through our inspection and monitoring services.

Every detail is carefully scrutinized to ensure reliability, safety and regulatory compliance.

With our vigilant approach, you will benefit from constant monitoring and proactive management to ensure optimal performance.